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Ecommerce Information

Rules for Achieving Online Success

The Internet brought a great deal of benefits to our life. Access to a lot of free and useful information is, probably, one of the most important out of them.

Is It Still Possible To Make Money On The Internet?

Many people are saying that the internet is dead. So is there still money to be made on the Internet?The answer is a definite YES.

When Do You Ask For A Refund?

Have you ever asked to have your money refunded after buying something online? Do you do this often? What are the reasons you've asked for refunds? Savvy marketers will try to find out why without making you feel you should not have asked. This would be valuable information to them.

Bringing the World to Your Door

According to, by the year 2008 nearly 30% of offline purchases will be influenced by online research.

3 Powerful Concepts That Climb Marketing Mountains

You have probably heard many times how you should offer free reports. Like many of us, the idea of putting in work to give something away may have gone through you transparent.

How To Accept Credit Cards Without a Merchant Account

To increase sales on your website, you must accept credit cards. To process credit cards, you could apply for a merchant account through your bank or other financial institution.

The ClickBank E-Commerce Solution can offer you multiple solutions for your e-commerce business.

The House Of Print.Com

Publishing has always been a difficult business to promote successfully, which titles by which authors to promote, which genre, will it be fiction or non-fiction? Will they sell? Will they make money, both for the publisher and for the author? So many questions which there is no definitive answer and so the publisher takes a chance with his money and his time and resources and decides on which books to publish, promote and distribute to the bookshops. He may only distribute to bookshops in his own country and if they don't sell well enough, will not be seen by anyone else in the world.

One Point Two Billion

In this surreal world of the internet, anyone, even you, can put your point across to a staggering number of people in every country on the planet.From political activists to artists and writers, can now find an audience to take notice of them where they could not get much attention in their local community.

Make That 3 Billion

My previous article I wrote called "One Point Two Billion" attracted quite some attention, the downloads through all the article syndication services has been astronomical compared to any other articles I wrote which are still with them. It seems the numbers game is popular not only with the accountancy profession, but with just about anyone running a website who is interested in more sales from anywhere in the world.

Dont give up on your business!

Summer must be when many work at home Mom start to think that their business is a flop and begin to look for a new opportunity. This is fine if your business is truly a flop - but chances are, you just need to take a look at it from a fresh perspective.

7 Questions to Ask A Potential Internet Merchant Account Provider

Recently I went looking for an online merchant account, with disastrous results. I made the mistake of taking information at face value and relying on the ecommerce merchant account provider's good reputation in other areas.

10 Reasons Why People Wont Buy A Second Product From You

1. You didn't follow up after the first sale.

Overcoming Frustration with Technology

For whatever reason, when we get a new boost in productivity, whether that be from a tool, technology or technique..

How To Stay Cutting Edge In Online Business

Let's face it, there's just way too much information out there for any one individual to try to keep abreast of. And yet, if we shut ourselves off from the world, we risk building our businesses in a vacuum and suffering on the bottom line.

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Flipkart closes Rs 4,500-cr fund round in big ecommerce race; Amazon readying ...
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With Snapdeal and Paytm also gaining rapidly and threatening to grab a larger share of India's expanding ecommerce market, Flipkart has been paying top dollar to hire talent from Silicon Valley, scale up its logistics and delivery engine, as well as ...
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Tech in Asia

SnapShopr wants to help ecommerce sites read images - Tech in Asia
Tech in Asia
After a long day's work, one evening, Navneet Sharma took an auto-rickshaw home. On the way, he saw a beautiful dress on a mannequin outside an expensive store. He couldn't help but imagine how good that dress would look on his girlfriend.


Ventureburn | Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce: which ecommerce platform works ...
The really difficult part is choosing the best ecommerce platform? And if you're a non technical person, well that only makes the task more daunting. There are hundreds of solutions available for developing ecommerce sites using various platforms ...

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Practical Ecommerce

20 Twitter Feeds for Online Merchants
Practical Ecommerce
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Our journey today. When creating and optimising our ecommerce customer journey, not only do we need to ensure that we have made this as frictionless and easy to use journey as possible, but also that we have made this journey as persuasive as possible.

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